Hello and Welcome

Are you considering obtaining a psychological assessment for your child or yourself?

I am a New York State Licensed Psychologist with offices in Ithaca, Buffalo, Suffern and Tarrytown, NY.  I provide comprehensive psychological assessment for children and adults.

I have immediate openings.

Referrals for psychological testing may include topics such as:

  • Learning concerns of all kinds,
  • Attention problems
  • Gifted identification
  • Social/emotional adjustment
  • Developmental delay
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Cognitive challenges
  • Relationship challenges

Perhaps you have noticed that your child is having difficulty – at home or at school – and nothing you have tried has fixed the problem.  Observed challenges in school can be complex to understand and it can be confusing to know how to help. 

Perhaps you are seeking documentation to clarify or support a diagnostic impression.

Perhaps you and your treatment provider actually know what the problem is, but need documentation to get the help and support that is needed. 

Perhaps you, your child, and/or a third party, such as an educational setting or service provider, need suggestions about where to go from here to address these challenges, including accommodations or modifications that can be helpful.

As one part of the comprehensive psychological evaluation I provide you with a written report that documents any challenges I observe and includes recommendations about accommodations, interventions and modifications to address those challenges.

At this time, my practice consists exclusively of psychological assessment.  I do not provide ongoing psychological treatment. Psychological assessment reports will contain detailed recommendations that families and individuals can take back to their school and/or outpatient treatment provider for implementation.

Please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to talk with you, to answer any questions you might have about psychological evaluations, and to help you plan your next step!