Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy

puzzle_silhouette-3727044_1280_commercial_use2 Green   E-mail
I strongly discourage use of e-mail for communication of psychological information.  E-mail is not a secure or private way to communicate.  Risks of using e-mail: e-mail can be sent, forwarded and stored in paper and electronic files without the permission of the sender, e-mails can easily be addressed incorrectly which means that an e-mail could go to someone who is not meant to receive it, e-mail content can easily be changed at any step in the process, back-up copies of e-mail may exist even after the sender and the recipient have deleted their copies, employers and on-line services have the right to read e-mails that are sent using their services, e-mails can be used as evidence in court and e-mail may contain viruses.

I strongly recommend that if you choose to communicate with me by e-mail, you use e-mail communication only for administrative purposes (e.g., to communicate about appointments, request a bill, etc.).  It is better for us to discuss personal information face to face.  If you send me an e-mail with personal information, I will print out the e-mail, put it with your records, and we can discuss it at our next meeting.  I will not discuss personal information in e-mail.

I check my e-mail on an irregular basis.  E-mail is not a good way to communicate with me about urgent or time-sensitive matters.

puzzle_silhouette-3727044_1280_commercial_use2 Green    Texting
Texting is also not a secure form of communication and therefore I will not use it to communicate with you.

puzzle_silhouette-3727044_1280_commercial_use2 Green   Social Media
I do not maintain a presence on social media at this time.

puzzle_silhouette-3727044_1280_commercial_use2 Green   Internet Health Care Provider Review Sites
You may find that I am listed on websites on the internet where people provide reviews of their experiences with health care providers.  I am prohibited by the ethical standards of my profession from soliciting testimonials.  I do not voluntarily participate in those sites and I do not endorse them in any way.

You will make the personal decision about whether to communicate any information about our work together to anyone in any manner that you wish, as you should.  It is not my place to influence your decision about that in any way.  Please know, however, that I will not respond to any on-line comments or reviews, even if I see them (which I may not because I do not follow those sites). I have a responsibility to  maintain the confidentiality of the work that we do together and therefore will not engage in an online interaction between us of any kind.