Assessment Results

How long will it take to get the results?
In most cases, you will have a written report within 15 business days of the final assessment meeting.

How will the results of psychological evaluations be communicated?
I will meet with you and talk about the findings of the testing as well as recommendations for steps you can now take to begin to address the question that brought you in for an evaluation.

 A copy of the completed report will be provided to families.  The evaluation results are your property, and you may release the report to anyone you choose.  If you request it, I will send a copy of the evaluation report upon your written authorization for me to release that information to a specified third party (e.g., school, therapist, psychiatrist, etc.).  I have standard releases that I will provide to you for that purpose if you would like me to communicate with someone else about the assessment results. I will also provide verbal consultation and feedback to any third parties regarding the assessment results, as authorized by you, again as documented in a signed release.

What if I don’t agree with the assessment findings or some other part of the report?
I encourage you to talk with me about any concerns that you have about the written report.  Further discussion may make it possible for us to come to a shared understanding.  If necessary, I will add an addendum to a report to update it if need be as a result of our consultation.  Furthermore, I will never release this report to anyone without your express written consent (except as required by law – please see the confidentiality page for further details about those special exceptions to confidentiality).