Contact Me & Office Locations

I can be reached by phone at607-379-1468.

Can’t I just text or e-mail you?
You can, but there are risks to electronic communication.(Please see my Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy for details about that. ) If you choose to contact me by e-mail or text, that will indicate acknowledgement that you have read, understand and agree to those risks. Please include your phone number so I can get back to you. I am not comfortable with those risks and will not communicate with you by e-mail or text.

I do not currently provide treatment. In case of an emergency that requires immediate intervention and treatment, you should contact your primary treatment provider (e.g., your therapist or primary care physician). If you do not currently have a treatment provider and we have started working together, I would be happy to refer you to a primary treatment provider and I will, of course, provide support to you while you transition to that treatment provider.

People in crisis may also: