Clinical Consultation for Therapists

Maria C. Morog, PhD

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Refine your craft. Nourish your spirit.

As therapists, we do our best work when we take just as good care of ourselves as we do of our clients. It is vital to

  • continue to grow – as clinicians and as people.
  • practice self-care.

Clinical Consultation with a Trusted Colleague Can Help

Reconnect with your confidence
and energy for positive change

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Questions About clinical consultation

Two People in Silhouette Icon consultation for?

(TLDR: It's for licensed therapists and counselors)

Can I help You?

My Path

(How I got here.)

For 25 years I have been a practicing clinical psychologist providing:


Psychological Assessment



Teaching and Training

My Approach

(How I work)

I focus on relationships as a tool of treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Approaches

Treatment Planning taking into account:

My Method

(How we would work together.)

As clinicians, we bring our best selves, our compassion, our experience, and our knowledge to our work.

Challenges are an expected part of the work we do.

Together, we can identify and mobilize our strengths to meet any challenges

What The Experts Say

“…no matter how long you practice therapy, even in the most stressful of circumstances, you can never really get to the point where you can handle everything deftly that comes your way. There are therapists who think they can, but that is only because they are oblivious to the different ways they could have proceeded.”

– Peggy Papp, MSW

“We have to be there in the midst of [people’s] pain while keeping ourselves sufficiently out of it. We have to maintain our ability to have hope, our ability to do reality testing. It’s very hard work.”

– Frank Pittman, MD

“…bad therapy takes place not only when your model doesn’t work, but when you don’t have another model that you can reach for. You see that clients need something other than what you are offering them, but you can’t figure out what that might be. You remain stuck with what you already know how to do.”

– Susan Johnson, EdD

So What's The Solution?





Clinical Consultation Can Help!

If you have questions about clinical consultation for therapists and whether or not it might be right for you, call me today to chat!
I’d be happy to talk with you about how I work and what I offer.